Graham Winick, EMPA '17

The accelerated and cohort nature of the program creates a true family environment, in which the students rely on each other and work closely together. Like scholastic Basic Training, it prepares you for post graduate experiences, working with diverse personalities towards singular goals.

Alfred Lewers Jr., EMPA '17


I am incredibly thankful for the initial conversation I had with Dr. Mohamad Alkadry about FIU’s Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) program. I was torn between FIU and another university’s program and shared that information with Dr. Alkadry. He informed me that FIU’s MPA program was the only accredited program in South Florida, which immediately settled it for me.

I started the EMPA program in January 2016 and was impressed with how easy they made it for working professionals to assimilate into a graduate program, at a time when the average professional is overwhelmed with their day-to-day responsibilities. From the books being available on day 1 of class, to the fact that meals are catered for the Wednesday evening, and Saturday (full day) classes, this program is geared towards busy professionals.

The diversity of my classmates is one of the most beneficial aspects of this course of study and has already produced lifelong relationships that can never be replaced. The courses are incredibly challenging, and sometimes I didn’t know whether I was coming or going, but through group interactions, a learned practice of focus and commitment, my cohort and I are learning to get it done.

Another incredible benefit of the MPA program is the opportunity to take advantage of study abroad courses. Fortunately, I have traveled to Seoul, South Korea (Spring 2016), as well as Sofia, Bulgaria (Fall 2016), and plan to make the journey to Morocco in the Spring of 2017. These study abroad experiences could never be duplicated in a stateside classroom environment and I encourage any student to enroll in at least one of these courses when you start the MPA program.

If I had to rate the quality of the learning experience, the professionalism of the professors, as well as the overall experience of FIU’s EMPA, I would have to give it 5 stars.

Kevin Kirwin, EMPA '03


The best investment that anyone can make in their personal and professional life is education - with this being said, the single most important professional development action that I have taken was to earn an MPA from FIU. The coursework is and was relevant to my profession, the professors and instructors are experts in their field and easily related to working-professionals as students. The professionalism of my fellow students was important and made the program fun, informative and doable.

I would highly recommend the personal investment of achieving an MPA from FIU for anyone who would like to grow and contribute more to their organization and our community. The program is not easy, nor should it be, however the understanding of "how this work" and the learning of how to clearly think and conduct research is and will continue to be important - no matter what field you are in or level within your organization. You will always be "busy", however from my experience, achieving an MPA from FIU is doable and rewarding.