Technology in Government

Workshop Description

August 8 | 6PM-10PM & August 11 | 9AM-5PM

The power and reach of social media provide almost unlimited potential to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. The freedom brings with it unintended consequences of exposure to cyber-attacks or stalking, undefined relationships in terms of who and what we are dealing with, and even potential problems applying for jobs. This course will help you assume control over what others see through good management of privacy settings and a solid plan for social media activity. The course also provides a focus on social media participation that should feature EVR: shared expectations, values and return on investment of time.

Facilitator Biography

Dr. Sukumar Ganapati

Dr. Brown has been teaching online courses for Florida International University since 2012. He has designed 3 classes, all of which have Quality Matters national recognition. He is the author/editor of two new publications for 2017, Solutions for High-Touch Communications in a High-Tech World and Social Media Performance Evaluation and Success Measurements. Dr. Brown is the Deputy Director of Public Affairs, Joint Task Force Civil Support, Fort Eustis, Virginia. In that position, he plans, directs and executes complex communication, information and strategic plans and internal/external public messaging and outreach. He graduated in May 2011 from Old Dominion University with a Ph.D. in Public Administration and Urban Policy, International Business.

Deadline to Register: July 30th