The Art of Public Speaking

Workshop Description

July 24 | 6PM-10PM & July 27 | 9AM-5PM

This workshop is meant to help you become a better public speaker through storytelling and practice. Chapman University Survey on American Fears 25.3 percent of Americans fear public speaking more than heights, bugs and drowning. However, for those in the Public Administrative roles, interacting with community members and the public at large comes with the territory — no matter their level of experience. Students will receive a broad overview of the importance of public speaking and how they can use every day situation as a practice for that big day at the podium or being in front of a crown. The course will focus on preparation and practice. Students will have the opportunity to practice public speaking during this course and we will focus on tips to assist them in improving.

Facilitator Biography

Barbara Hernandez

Barbara Hernandez,CPRP is a Certified Park and Recreation Professional, who has a tremendous passion for the park and recreational field since her adolescences. Barbara has been a public servant for 16 years, with a focus on the community’s quality of life through parks and open green spaces. Currently, Barbara is the Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Doral Parks and Recreation Department, she has held the position for the past 7 years but has been with the City for 13 years. Barbara’s passion led her to inaugurate several recreational programs in the City and assisted with the department’s growth from 3 to 8 parks. Barbara oversaw the planning, designing, construction and operations of Doral’s 7th park which costed $23 million and was completed in August 2017.

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