Incorporating Sustainability, Safety & Resilience in Public Administration Decision Making

Workshop Description

Aug 7 | 6PM-10PM & Aug 10 | 9AM-5PM

Increasingly, social pressures at both local and national levels call for public sector administrators to take more active roles in promoting environmental awareness by applying safe and sustainable concepts to their overall decision making. Indeed, environmental issues are no longer limited to select governmental or non-profit organizations that exist solely for the protection of the environment. Today’s public administrators are expected to have knowledge of, and include, safe and sustainable principles to most public services, facilities, land use, and procurement practices.

Safe and sustainable principles can be broadly defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In essence, whether they realize it or not, public administrators are inherently entrusted with the responsibility to be good stewards and consider the potential impacts to the environment, safety, health, and social well-being of the community.

Safe and sustainable operational and procurement practices do not differ greatly from traditional practices. They involve analysis of current and proposed services, operations or purchases in order to select the most effective, economically and socially acceptable outcome that will also ultimately promote our community’s safety and environmental resilience. The challenge comes in understanding how to quickly and effectively, cut through the “noise”, analyze potential impacts and options, and make sound decisions.

Rather than mandate specific actions, this course will explore safe and sustainable operational and procurement principles, existing regulations and the increasing influences of non-governmental organizations’ guidelines. Real local government case studies will be examined, along with their impact on operational and purchasing decisions. The course will provide public administrators with the ability to understand and apply practical elements of safety and sustainability in their long-term policies, services, and purchases.

Facilitator's Biography

Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell has over thirty years of extensive experience ensuring that safe and sustainable policies and practices are an integral part of South Florida public sector services and operations. She has worked for the State of Florida’s Department of Labor as the Manager, Risk Management and Safety, for Miami-Dade County. Dr.. Mitchell is a Certified Sustainability Manager and a Certified Safety Manager, and has advanced degrees in Environmental Health and Safety and Industrial Toxicology. She is committed to assisting public sector administrators to gain awareness of safe and sustainable principles and how to incorporate these principles into their decision making. Dr. Mitchell is currently a councilwoman for the City of Miami Springs.

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